Cherry Koala Sleep Tones Sound Therapy Machine, You & Baby can Relax and Rest Easily with Natural Sounds including White Noise, Perfect for Meditation & Tinnitus sufferers, Plug-in or Portable

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  • Highest Quality Guaranteed: We have developed this unique device to harness the best peaceful audio to help you and your family get those forty winks. However if you aren't satisfied, simply return our product within 30 days for a full refund!
  • With adjustable volume settings the Ocean, Thunder, Summer Night, Tropical Forest, Rain, Fan, Brook, Heartbeat & White Noise soundwaves can disrupt the silence or external loud acoustics - making it easy to drift off to dream land!
  • Safe to use in the Bedroom or the Little One's room, it can run all night or it can switch off with its Auto-Off Timer function. You can also use it for soothing your Pet helping them to wind down and reduce anxiety.
  • Simply Plug in with included USB adapter Power Plug or it can travel with you on your holiday or business trip - being Portable (batteries not included) it uses less power than other machines on the market making it very cheap to run.
  • SleepTones harnesses real genuine tunes, so you don't experience looping, clicking, static, high pitching or other annoyances - helping you to enjoy complete relaxation. Also has an easy readable LCD Clock Display!
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Sleep Well Use SleepTones Sound Machine to create a peaceful sleep environment. Fall asleep faster and wake up completely rested. Equipped with ten soothing, natural sounds, SleepTones allows you to choose from sounds of White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer night, Brook, Fan, Heartbeat, Tropical Forrest & Fireplace, whilst unwinding from your day. A perfect addition to the nursery and bedroom and with the playing of comforting rhythmic sounds helps lull people of all ages to sleep. Please note time setting is only in ‘military’ or 24hr time.