LOTUS 250 ml High Capacity Cool Mist Humidifier / Essential oils Diffuser for Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy with Color-changing Light and Music Therapy with Nature Sounds included

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  • NB: EU Power Supply - it requires an American power adapter!
  • 250 ml - High Capacity Cool Mist Humidifier. It refreshes and moisturizes the air in rooms up to 550 square feet helping your breathe in cold and dry seasons. Adding several drops of your favorite essential oil make your house fragrant.
  • 7 automatic Color changing Lights: Blue, Red, Green, White, Violet, Blue, Yellow for Chromotherapy. It helps to take away the stress by creating a relaxing atmosphere
  • Long continuous Mist. It lasts up to 7 hours and automatically shut-off when water runs out.
  • 5 integrated nature sounds: birdies, crackling fire, stream, ocean and waterfall or possibility to connect music player or smartphone (entry jack included) for your own Music Therapy
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Lotus is a new generation Aroma Diffuser with a beautiful Italian Design. It is the perfect fusion of aromatherapy, color therapy and music therapy. The innovation of this Aroma Diffuser is the integrated speaker with 5 relaxing sounds and the possibility to connect any mp3 player to spread your own zen music. Ideal as a humidifier thanks to its high capacity, helping you keep fresh and moisturize the air.

Technical features:
– 9 LEDs Lamp with choice of 7 Colors: Blue, Red, Green, White, Violet, Blue, Yellow (2 tonality every color)
– Automatic color-changing mode or choice of your favorite color light
– Music mode: integrated nature sounds or speaker
– Entry jack (included) for your music player
– Timer: continuous
– Automatic shutdown when water runs out
– Tank capacity: 8.5 oz
– Continuous using duration: 6/7 hours
– Range 550 ft²
– Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Operation: ultrasonic frequencies not perceived by the animals
– It has no wearing parts and does not require spare parts

– 1 Aroma Diffuser
– 1 Measuring cup
– 1 EU Power Supply
– 1 Jack connector
– 1 User Manual
(NOTE Essential oil is not included in the package)

The GISA Aroma Diffusers is silent, purifies the environment, reduces free radicals and releases pleasant aromatic fragrances. Only few drops of essential oil are necessary (3 or 4 drops every 100 ml of water). The ultrasonic vibrations gradually break up the oil in micro particles which are vaporized and spread in the air so that are easily absorbed with the maximum benefits. When the water level reaches the minimum will be activate the automatic shutoff. Good air quality improves health

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