Tinnitus – How I Deal With It

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This book is the result of my learning that I have Tinnitus, what it is and my options for dealing with the problem. I have suffered with Tinnitus for over 35 years. I had been checked by several doctors over the years and was told that either they couldn’t find a problem or there was nothing that could be done. I learned how to deal with it. I have never been one to complain about the hand I have been dealt. I recently saw a commercial on TV that told me there were things that now could be done. What you see in this eBook is the results of my research and experiences. While I was doing my research, I found that there isn’t a cure at least at this point in time. I was open to considering the use of pharmaceutical solution to help in the treatment process but learned that as of 2013 there wasn’t a FDA approved drug available. In the past, the only thing that hearing aids were able to do was give some amplification which can help in some cases of Tinnitus but may not be able to help in all situations. The solution I found has been available for about a year and half at this point. It does this by masking the sound of Tinnitus you are hearing. With technology being in a constant state of evolvement, things will only get better. Maybe someday there will be a cure for Tinnitus, for today, we can at least treat the symptom. These are just my experiences. The results you experience may be different from mine. It is my hope that in reading my book is that it will save you some of the research that I have had to go through. For more information, please visit https://www.amazon.com/author/ronaldnutter

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