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  • Medicomat® Medical Automat Series * THE WORLD'S BEST HEALTHCARE APPARATUS * Acupuncture Therapy for Tinnitus * Fully Automatic Treatment at Home * Medicomat ear acupuncture provides a fully automatic treatment for the whole body, complemented by the effects of silver ion therapy and body acupuncture massage through the conductive silver fiber socks, gloves and wristlet.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure may help decrease the level of the tinnitus sounds you hear. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tinnitus is believed to result from a disturbance in the flow of energy, or chi, to the liver or kidney.
  • No experience in acupuncture is required to use this amazing new machine. Fully Automatic Treatment - Auto-selection of acupuncture points on the ear, hand and foot. The only action user needs to take is the adjustment of the intensity of the pulse according to her tolerance.
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1. Tinnitus is not a disease, it is a symptom! 2. You are not sick and you are not mentally ill. You are being warned! If you have Tinnitus then you are most probably familiar with some of the most common causes. There is a whole list of them for you to choose from. The Medicomat-10 is another highly effective device from the Medicomat® series of fully automatic treatment units. Medicomat device is a combination of traditional Chinese acupuncturology and the modern electronic technology, very safe, no penetration into skin, no side effect. Acupuncture for tinnitus and Chinese herbs for tinnitus has been used for centuries and is a safe and non evasive treatment. Tinnitus acupuncture points can be very helpful, especially as tinnitus symptoms are usually quite responsive to acupuncture treatment. The Ear-fitting electrode automatically stimulate respective spots corresponding to the diseased organs including above suggested acu-points. Pure Conductive Silver cloth is the latest in cutting edge conductive therapy and skin care. Silver Ion Therapy occurs when the silver fiber knitted into silver conductive garments is warmed by body temperature and massage pulse. The Medicomat foot energy socks was made by special silver fiber material, which can fully contact with feet holographical reflecting region and acupuncture points, cooperate with the main frame can transmit the biological energy promptly, achieving the best health management and ideal for home acupuncture treatment. Package Includes: Main device: 1 piece + Ear-fitting electrode × 4 pairs + Ear Clip Electrode × 1 pair + Conductive energy socks: 1 pair model: S101G size: universal color: grey + Conductive energy gloves: 1 pair model: G101 size: L color: silver grey + Conductive Electrode Wristlet: 1 pair model: W101 size: L color: grey + Electrode pads × 2 pairs + Two-pin wire × 2 pieces + Plug × 1 piece + Colour box × 1 box + Manual × 1 copy.